Software Development Team Structure: Roles & Responsibilities

Instead of firing off email after email or reaching out to communicate critical information through a chat tool, project management software can help you distribute information more seamlessly. In many ways, leading developers is just like leading any other team. You don’t necessarily need to know how to code to understand how the people on your team get work done. You might not comprehend the technical aspects of architecture and programming, but you can still get a grasp on their common roadblocks, preferred tools, and best practices.

how to manage a software development team

They will help you handle the core areas of your team and give the needed structure and strength to your software development team to ensure you have long-term success. It is best to understand that in software development, minor changes can have a massive effect downstream. For that reason, it’s critical that you provide your software development team with feedback early and often. SaaS tools like Slack can help to keep your software development team in tight communication with each other as well as other project and development teams.

This is a shared digital workspace where the project is managed from start to finish. But it’s important to understand that basic project management and software development project management are not the same. Software development projects have some unique nuances that make proper management practices absolutely critical. An agile development team comprises software developers and experts who employ Agile methodologies to create, test, and deploy software. Agile emphasizes adaptability, flexibility, and iterative progress, enabling swift responses to change requirements or market conditions. Key principles include customer satisfaction, embracing change, frequent software delivery, and continuous communication and collaboration.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Development Team

Reviews in the Google Play and App Store help determine whether users are satisfied with the product. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you must evaluate progress at each stage and the end of the project. Parametric estimation, where measures such as the average cost of writing a certain number of lines of code are used to estimate project cost.

  • And, likewise, an issue that one person on the software development team is experiencing should be seen as an issue for the whole team to solve.
  • Set up project management software to speed up daily operations and provide for more transparency of the project processes.
  • A reporting system should be a given for working with any dedicated team.
  • Transferring work on the project to the development team and lying down to rest will not work.
  • You can conduct such meetings weekly, but monthly would be a better option.
  • This helps them define a path to delivering software your target audience will find useful and pay for.
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With an engineering management platform like Waydev, tech leaders and executives have full transparency over the entire SDLC process. We’ll cover essential tactics for managing software development teams with project management technologies stages of team development in the following lines. Since the demand for qualified software engineers is high, many companies will try to lure your specialists away. Hence, employee retention is an essential part of managing software development teams.

Also, your organization can foster Agile within your remote development team by leveraging continuous integration, promoting knowledge sharing, and prioritizing communication. Additionally, be open to revising old practices if specific meetings or standups become obsolete. The goal is to evolve agile rather than add processes to ensure agility. A vertical agile methodology, as well as a software-centric approach, are essential. One advantage of using a project management system is the ability to assign tasks to everyone via the software platform. These tasks are frequently displayed on each platform user’s dashboard, making them easily accessible to employees.

How to manage a software development team with project management software

A product team is a team that is – you guessed it – focused around a product. Instead of dividing up the development teams based on expertise in a particular technology area , you divide up the development team by products. Technology teams can handle specific matters, leveraging their knowledge and expertise, thus resulting in more efficiency and productivity. Being narrow specialists, team members on technology teams may lack the general understanding of how their roles fit into the greater product strategy, which can lead to breakdowns in communication. In many software development projects, communication is spread across several platforms, which unfortunately does not positively impact the project. Some conversations occur via chat, some via e-mail, and some through direct discussions.

And you’re probably paying your dedicated team to take a huge chunk of their time just to report to you. A reporting system should be a given for working with any dedicated team. It ensures you’re always in the loop while giving your team enough space and freedom to do their work. Last is themaster service agreement,which serves as the contract that legally binds the dedicated team to the project. This agreement forbids the client and development team from leaking sensitive information they might get during the project.

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How to manage a software development team with data-driven project management software

Most companies that have been on the market for a while have established onboarding processes for candidates. If you cooperate with a software development outsourcing agency, they will probably also have an onboarding approach and may offer you some tried and tested procedures. It means that tracking enables your organization to obtain a detailed performance review. At the same time, remote developers can also identify the issues they must address. So, if you leverage tracking, you will get valuable information to discuss in personal meetings.

how to manage a software development team

Waterfall teams, in turn, are usually quite large and may span up to 15 people. To avoid any management complexities, it may be worth dividing a large team into several sub-teams, each with a lead of its own. The structure of a software development team depends on a range of factors. These include the type and complexity of your software product, the time you have to deliver the product, and the allocated budget.

They do not shy away from tasks that require them to push beyond their limit. They are never satisfied with their current level and are always looking to find new ways of doing things and new technologies to embrace. Milo founded mDevelopers in 2010, bringing his over 10 years of sales management, B2B solutions, and business relations. Milo acts as the general director, as well as a mentor and advisor.

Each of these iterations should be planned beforehand along with the required deadlines, milestones, dependent tasks, assignees, and other details. The same should be communicated to the team to get their buy-in. Many businesses are expanding their operations internationally, with nearly half (44%) reporting an increasing number of full-time employees working remotely from different countries. This trend resonates particularly with IT services, which are often outsourced due to the scarcity of top-notch talent in Western markets. Though it may come as a surprise, software engineering and writing go hand-in-hand. Adding extra people will counterintuitively delay the project by dividing work into too many small parts.

Distill Information From Management to Your Technical Team

Also, documentation is a must-have when you need to onboard a new person or substitute developers. But you may need help handling it – a reliable remote development team can assist you with this. When you hire remote developers abroad, particularly in Asia or Eastern Europe, you must deal with the time difference. This challenge may take a lot of work to manage, mainly when you need to schedule meetings or discuss urgent and emerging issues. Partnering with DOIT Software, you will get top-skilled remote developers to build the desired state-of-the-art product. Contact us to speed up your product development with a dedicated tech team.

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how to manage a software development team

Crystal Agile framework facilitates team communication while allowing for adaptability to the demanding requirements. At the same time, there may be a loss of focus due to the lack of pre-defined plans and structure. Development teams should have the required tooling required for continuous deployment and automated testing to timely fix bugs and errors. Being deeply involved in the product development, the team needs to be able to critically analyze it and foresee the planned outcome in order to test it properly. This keeps the team motivated and engaged, contributing to the product quality. According to this approach, the test should fail first when there is no code to accomplish the function.

Encourage open communication

By its nature, Crystal is a family of Agile methodologies that focuses on people and their interactions over processes, putting such things as skills, communication, and talent first. Developed by IBM employee Alistair Cockburn in 1991, the Crystal method suggests that different teams function differently depending on team size and project priority. Even though your company has always hired in-house developers, you should consider working with a remote development team.


As the largest social media network, Facebook was among the pioneers who started to hire remotely. They outsource various types of remote teams, including customer support representatives, software developers, and content moderators. A remote dedicated development team refers to a cooperation model in which a tech vendor provides a team to your company for your software product development and subsequent launch. While you cannot afford to ignore business considerations, always seek the input of your technical department when brainstorming new product and feature ideas or setting time-to-market deadlines.

Discuss the cooperation model and requirements

Even if you don’t have plenty of technical background, you still bring valuable knowledge of your client’s needs and desires. You can also share positive feedback from upper management or customers. Keep everyone on the same page by communicating expectations, considering potential issues that may occur, and listening to your team’s concerns.

Everyone knows about Google, the number one search engine that has significantly expanded its services in recent years. That is why the number of the company’s outsourced remote employees has already exceeded its direct hires. Google prefers outsourcing IT services providers, app developers, remote development teams, and analytics specialists. Team meetings are necessary for every organization, so of course they are also necessary if you want to build a successful software development team.

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